The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is a once-per-year test administered to all grade 10 students in Ontario and is a requirement for high school graduation. This year, the OSSLT will be written on Thursday, March 31. All CHSS grade 10 students and a handful of grade 11 students who were not successful last year will be writing this year’s test on Thursday morning. Many hours of preparation and support have been provided and we are confident that our students are ready to show their literacy skills.

Grade 9 students will experience regular classes all day and grade 10 students will attend their regular afternoon classes after they complete the OSSLT. Grade 11 and 12 students will only have afternoon classes tomorrow and are not required to attend in the morning. Buses will run on their regular schedule, so grade 11 and 12 students can certainly come in to CHSS on their regular bus, but will be required to stay in the cafeteria working independently if they come in to the school while the OSSLT is being written.