Cell Phones During Class Time

In an effort to help our students achieve as well as they can and not be distracted, we are implementing a new policy with respect to cell phones during class time. Students will be encouraged to leave their phones in their lockers during class time. If a student arrives to class with their cell phone, they will be directed by the classroom teacher to place their phone in a secure, safe, and visible location in the class. Again, students who do not want to place their phone in the secure location in the class will have the better option of leaving it in their locker instead of taking it to class. If a student refuses to relinquish their phone and/or is found texting or emailing or using social media for tasks not sanctioned by the teacher at that time will be subject to disciplinary measures. This policy recognizes that cell phones are an important part of life for adolescents and many others in our community and that they are difficult to resist and ignore when a text or Snapchat or email message comes in. It also recognizes that students do not learn as well as they can if they are distracted by their phones. There may be times when teachers allow students to use their phones in class, but students will not be permitted to use their phones in class unless the teacher allows them to do so. We have heard from some parents that they want their children to have their phones at all times so they can be reached in case of an emergency. This policy does not preclude this wish, but we want all parents and guardians to know that the proper way to reach their children when an urgent situation arises during class time is to call the main office (519-482-3471) and ask us to call the student out of class so they can take the phone in the office.