Please Call Us!

The Education Act makes student attendance a very important responsibility for our staff. We do a great deal to make our classes and our school a welcoming place where learning is engaging and everyone feels welcome. We expect all of our students to be in all of their classes on time every day. Of course, there are days when medical appointments, illness, and other important life events make students miss individual classes or entire days. If we don’t have prior knowledge that a student will be missing, we must phone home to make sure they are safe and/or to find out why they missed class(es).

We appeal to all of our students’ parents/guardians to PLEASE call CHSS (519-482-3471) as soon as you know your child will not be attending a class or a portion of the day or an entire day or more to inform us of the absence and to tell us why.

It doesn’t matter when you call . . . even in the middle of the night . . . we will get the message the next morning. If a student misses a class and we don’t know about it, there will be an automated call home at the end of the day  informing the parents of the absence. This is easy to avoid by informing us before the absence occurs. Students who miss class(es) or are late for class too many times will be subject to consequences in the form of detentions, in-school suspensions and, if the problems persist, even out-of-school suspensions.