May Events

Midterm reports were mailed out last week and everyone should have theirs at home by this time. If parents have not yet received a midterm report for each of their children who attend CHSS, they should call the school to request that another one be printed for them. If anyone has questions about the midterm results, they are also encouraged to phone the school to arrange to meet with one or more teachers.

Spring sports are in full swing. Boys and girls junior and senior soccer teams have enjoyed about half of their schedules while the track and field athletes are primed and ready for next week’s Huron Pert Meet in Clinton. Badminton Phoenix made it to WOSSAA in both junior and senior womens doubles!

Congratulations to our Envirothon Team for winning the Huron Perth championship! The team will travel to Peterborough in late May with Ms. Ross-Holton to represent our region at the provincial competition.