Recipient of the Neuchatel Junior College Scholarship

Jake McClure, a grade 11 student at CHSS has recently been selected through an interview process to attend Neuchatel Junior College in Switzerland for his grade 12 year.  This opportunity was made possible through Marcy and John McCall MacBain who graciously donated scholarships for 4 students from CHSS to attend Neuchatel. Jake will be the fourth and final student to attend.  Following Jake’s motto, “to try everything you can”, Jake is ready to embrace the opportunity of leaving home and studying in a new country, learning a new language, experiencing a new culture and connecting with new people.  He is especially looking forward to travel opportunities offered by Neuchatel where they study WWI and travel to France and Belgium. The staff and students at CHSS would like to congratulate Jake on being selected for this amazing experience and we wish him all the best!