Wednesday, January 16th

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Needing volunteer hours? If so, The Provincial Broomball Tournament is wanting you. Please see the bulletin board out front of the office for more details.
Book club members are reminded of our rescheduled meeting today – Wednesday January 16 at 11:30 in the library. Please be sure to bring your reading book to return it

ADANAC Images will be back again to do graduation portraits on February 5th and 6th.  Students who missed the first chance to have their graduation portrait done because of the weather can also sign up for one of these appointments.  When you receive your graduation portraits and if you are not happy with them and want a retake, you can sign up for an appointment time on February 5th or 6th, in the mail office.  You will have to surrender your original proofs at the camera and pay a $5 mailing fee to have a retake.  The photographer will not be coming back to our school again this year.