Grade 9 & 10 Ipad Return or Buyout

View Board Memo regarding ipad Return or Buyout for Grade 9 & 10 Students

Grade 9 & 10 students can buy an ipad mini between May 13th and June 21st for $100 using School CashThose students with a larger 5th or 6th Generation ipad will be offered an ipad mini for the $100.  Please notify the office if you wish to purchase a device but have the larger 5th or 6th generation ipad. All ipads not purchased must be returned June 10th.

Purchase mini $100

Lost device $100

Damaged beyond repair $100

Repair required $50 – unless the damage is intentional or malicious.  In that case each repair will be assessed individually.

When devices are handed in they must have passcodes removed and be logged out of iCloud.