Character Education

Cultivating Character

The Avon Maitland District School Board seeks to promote positive citizenship in our students through Character Education. Character Education promotes the universal attributes of character that transcend cultural differences and express our common humanity. Character Education involves an active partnership among the school, the home and the entire community. Character Education is an ongoing process, not a single program, embedded in all curriculum and learning.

Character Attributes in Education

  • Fairness – including everyone and not leaving anyone out
  • Honesty – telling the whole truth
  • Empathy – being able to relate to the feelings of another person
  • Respect – treating others the way I would like to be treated
  • Integrity – knowing what you stand for and living up to your ideals
  • Courage – personal bravery in the face of fear
  • OptimismĀ – maintaining a positive outlook
  • Compassion – being kind and forgiving
  • Perseverance – staying committed, no matter how long it takes or what obstacles appear to stop you
  • Responsibility – honouring our promises and commitments even when this involves sacrifice