Student Code of Conduct

CHSS provides me with a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere in which to learn. I will strive to be a responsible member of this community and to respect the rights and freedoms of others.

As a student at CHSS, I am expected to follow school rules throughout the school day, at dances, and/or when involved in school-related activities off school property.

I must abide by this School Code of Conduct, the Board policies related to conduct in schools and the Ontario Schools Code of Conduct. Depending upon individual circumstances and the severity of misbehaviour, corrective measures will be applied. These may include any or all of verbal reprimand, counselling, detention, notification of parents, removal from class(es), suspension, or expulsion. As identified in the Ontario Schools Code of Conduct, the police will also be involved in some situations.

Specific Behavioural Procedures

Students are required to…

Academic Honesty

  • complete all course assignments, assessments, and evaluations on their own unless instructed by their teacher.
  • cite another person’s words or ideas in order to avoid a charge of plagiarism.
  • understand that acts of plagiarism will be recorded on their record and may face consequences.


  • come to class with appropriate materials.
  • submit assignments on the due dates, prepare for tests, assessments and final evaluations. Late assignments may be subject to possible mark deductions.
  • negotiate possible extension in advance of the due date, not the date the assignment is due.
  • come to class on assessment and evaluation days. Provide a medical note if unable to attend or work may receive a mark of zero.
  • complete homework.
  • understand that due dates are established for a reason and consequences for submitting an assignment late can include, a mark deduction, receiving an I and/or a reduction of learning skills.

Assessment/Final Evaluation Week

  • attend each end of semester (January and June) final assessment activity for each class enrolled in.
  • schedule vacations and other appointments outside of the assessment weeks.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • attend class on time and prepared
  • obtain a late slip if late for class and submit to teacher.
  • remain in class for the entire period and be dismissed by the classroom teacher not the bell.
  • schedule appointments and vacations outside of the school day.
  • provide a note or have a parent call to confirm any absence. In order to be legitimately absent you must not be in the school. A parent/guardian cannot excuse a child to work in the building, attend school sporting events, avoid an assembly etc.
  • understand that truancy and consistent lates will result in consequences
  • obtain an excuse slip from the office if they have an appointment during the school day.
  • attend all classes on assigned timetable, even if students wish to make a change.
  • make an appointment with guidance if a change in timetable is required and submit the course change form with parent/guardian signature.


  • attend all scheduled assemblies
  • be respectful at all assemblies; this includes putting away cell phones and sometimes removing hats.

Athletics and Athletic Fees

  • pay the fee for each sport.
  • be responsible for missed work due to sport.
  • attend all practices.
  • travel with the team.
  • demonstrate responsible citizenship in and out of school.


  • follow the Code of Conduct.
  • listen to the driver and create a safe environment for others.
  • provide a note from a parent/guardian to the office before 8:50 am if there is a need to ride a different bus.
  • sign up in the office for the applicable late bus by noon.

Cafeteria, Food and Beverages

  • keep the cafeteria clean by putting garbage away.
  • respect the cafeteria employees.
  • understand that eating in the hallway is permitted only if students put garbage away and contribute to a clean and positive environments.
  • understand that classroom teachers use their discretion to allow food or drink.

Cell phones, Electronic Devices and Cameras

  • Use electronics devices during instructional time as instructed by the classroom teacher.
  • Understand that the use of electronics, social media and texting should be done responsibly and contribute to a safe and inclusive learning environment.
  • hand over electronic devices if requested by a teacher.

Computer, Technology and Media Use

  • use computer technology appropriately and be familiar with the Computer and iPad Code of Conduct.
  • follow guidelines around being a positive digital citizen and refrain from cyberbullying and frequenting restricted sites.
  • have valid Computer/Media usage contract.
  • notify staff in charge of any damage to computer or technology.
  • use library and computer labs with respect.


  • show a valid student card in order to attend the dance. Student fees must be paid for to attend.
  • attend school on the day of the dance
  • complete a request for a guest to attend three days prior to the dance and be responsible for the guest. Guests must be in good standing at their school and present a student card.
  • follow the Code of Conduct. Refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs. Violations will result in suspension and police may be contacted.


  • enter the building from the main doors or the Tech wing doors after 9 am, all other doors will be locked after 9 am.
  • refrain from using any other doors as exits/entrances. Doing so may result in suspension as this presents a safety risk.
  • refrain from propping doors open. Doing so may result in suspension as this presents a safety risk.


  • wear neat and presentable clothing to reflect the workplace nature of the school.
  • wear clothing free from language or graphics that are discriminatory, profane or depicts violence, or the use of substances.
  • wear appropriate footwear based on the class or activity.

Emergency Drills

  • listen to the instructions of the teacher.
  • understand the necessary actions required during mandatory drills.

Field Trips

  • submit signed permission forms and any fees one day prior to the trip.
  • be responsible for work missed.
  • report to assigned area and complete work if not going on the trip.

Gym and Weight Room

  • provide identification in order to use gym equipment at lunch.
  • refrain from being in the gym or weight room unless under teacher supervision.


  • create a safe and inclusive hallway environment by not blocking the hallway in any way, and by using respectful language free from profanity/discrimination.
  • refrain from horse play and keep the space clean.


  • promote a positive and inclusive school environment free from all forms of discrimination , harassment, and bullying.
  • report acts of harassment either anonymously (Stop a Bully) or in person.

Illness, Accidents, Injury

  • report to the office if ill.
  • immediately report injury to supervising teacher and submit injury report to office on the same day.

Inclement Weather

  • check online at, listen to CFPL Radio 980 or CKNX 920, follow CHSS on Twitter, or check out the CHSS Facebook page for bus cancellations and school closures.


  • use the locker assigned.
  • provide locker combination to the office.
  • clean out lockers at the specified time.
  • understand that lockers are the property of the school and may be searched.
  • do not display anything that contravenes the Code of Conduct.

Music Devices

  • listen to music in classroom only when teacher states it is acceptable.
  • refrain from playing music in the hallways or other areas unless instructed by a teacher.


  • drive slowly and park in the appropriate marked areas.
  • arrive to class on time or risk having parking privileges revoked.
  • lock vehicle(s) and report any infractions.
  • park at the back of the school in the parking lot — students are not permitted to park at the front of the school at any time.


  • have the VP approve all posters before putting them up around the school. Please come to the office to request permission.

Shop, Lab, Tech and Art Room Safety

  • adhere to all safety guidelines including wearing eye protection, appropriate footwear and clothing.
  • keep work areas clean and be responsible for the use of and return of all tools and equipment.
  • refrain from bringing coats and backpacks to all classes as they present safety and tripping hazards.

Signing In and Out

  • report to the office with a note from a parent/guardian explaining absences.
  • have prior permission before leaving school property.
  • report to the main office when returning from an appointment to receive an admit slip.


  • refrain from skateboarding on school property.

Spares and Independent Study Periods

  • be in the cafeteria or library only during a spare or ISP. Hallway wandering is not permitted and is a misuse of the time.

Textbooks, iPads and other School Supplies

  • keep textbooks, iPads, and other school supplies in good condition.
  • assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs. Report cards, transcripts, and timetables will only be issued to students who have returned all items.

Tobacco Use and Smoking

  • refrain from the use of tobacco products (chew, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping) on all school property (including buses).
  • refrain from providing friends with tobacco products as it may result in a $365 fine.


  • advise visitors to report to the office to sign in.